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KymaConnect 2 User Manual
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Need Help With KymaConnect?

Product assistance is available through Symbolic Sound's Kyma 7 Community Forum site. (Please post questions and other discussions regarding KymaConnect in the appropriate forum topic, in the sub-forum "Tips and Techniques".)

The Symbolic Sound's Kyma Q&A also contains a number of questions and answers dealing with KymaConnect. If you have a question that has not been asked, which might interest other KymaConnect users, consider posting it on the Kyma Q&A.

Delora Software has discontinued the sale of iOS apps on the App Store.

However, FAQ’s, user manuals, and advice articles for all of our discontinued (legacy) products can be viewed below. Links to downloading support files for rsTouch and rsRemote are also found at the end of the page


Delora Software's discontinued rsTouch, rsRemote and lpTouch apps will remain available for download from Apple’s iOS App Store through May 31, 2021 provided Apple’s iOS App Store policies allow these downloads to continue.

Below are instructions for how to re-download a purchased iOS app if you need to do so. We also caution against upgrading your iDevice to a major version of iOS newer than iOS 13. iOS 13 was the current version of iOS when rsTouch, rsRemote and lpTouch were discontinued.

Open up the App Store app on your iDevice and tap the account icon that is in the upper right corner. This shows your App Store account. Look for the item “Purchased” and tap it. The display now shows all the apps that you have purchased. Scroll through the list to locate the app. Tap the download icon at the right (looks like a cloud with an arrow) and the app will be loaded on your iDevice.

NOTE: If the download icon is dimmed/grayed out, that means that there is no version of the app that supports this iDevice, or the iDevice is running a version of iOS that is not supported by the last, or any previous versions of the app.

Apple’s iOS App Store makes this currently possible, though Apple could change this at any time. The technique should work for all Delora Software iOS Apps.

A variation of the same method can be used to update to the last version of an app that is compatible with your device and the version of iOS that is installed. The last versions offered were: rsTouch 2.9.7, rsRemote 1.1.2 and lpTouch 2.4.1.

We recommend that you back up your device before following these steps.

1. First locate the app in your purchases, just to make sure it is available. Do not continue if you can't find it.

2. Go to your device’s Home Screen, locate the app icon, then delete the app.

3. Open the App Store app again and repeat step #1 to locate the app in your list of purchases. Tap the download icon at the right (looks like a cloud with an arrow) and the app will be loaded on your iDevice.

The products below have been discontinued for sale but this information may be useful to existing owners.

Legacy Product Information - FAQ's

FAQs: rsTouch for Reason
FAQs: lpTouch for Logic
FAQs: rsRemote for Reason
FAQs: gbXRemote for GarageBand
FAQs: vKiP, vKi & CapyLink for Kyma
FAQs: vM2, vKA

Legacy Product Information - User Manuals (pdfs)

rsTouch User Manual
lpTouch User Manual
vKiP User Manual
gbTouch & gbLink User Manual
vKi User Manual
gbXRemote User Manual
rsRemote User Manual
gbRemote & gbLink User Manual
vM2 User Manual
PacaConnect User Manual
vKA User Manual

Reason Support Files for rsTouch & rsRemote

Tap on the buttons if you need to download the support files required for rsTouch and rsRemote