rsTouch Pro Features

rsTouch offers customized control from the iPad of many Reason devices and Rack Extensions. We thank the following companies who have provided support to Delora Software for working with their products.

Lists below reflect Reason 10 classification of Devices and RE's.

In addition, rsTouch has VST plugin support for AudioRealism abl2, abl3, and ReDominator, and Rob Papen RP-Verb.


  • Control transport functions
  • Toggle Loop and Metronome on/off
  • Click settings changeable in popup
  • 8 Channel names and numbers displayed on all Mixer screens
  • Access more than 8 channels by 1, by 8 or with programmable bank buttons
  • Special fifth bank button - ‘Last’ or ‘Busses’ (Reason 7+)
  • Multi-touch Fader control of channel levels; value displayed
  • “Gang” fader channel control with link feature
  • Mixer channel width control
  • Additional screen with extended height mixer fader controls
  • Channel meters
  • Adjust Pan level for every channel; value displayed
  • Mute or Solo any channel - on FDR screen, or by tapping in channel label area on any screen

  • Channel label area has lit LED for mute/solo status
  • Reset/clear all mute or solo enabled channels
  • Dynamic displays show playhead timecode and bar-beat location
  • 5 Location markers - programmable
  • Tempo displayed; changeable in popup
  • Tap tempo
  • Big meter displayed; reset all overs; settings controlled in popup
  • Master screen mimics Reason's master section controls
  • Undo or Redo last action (Reason supported)
  • Dim (lower) volume on all Mixer screens
  • Alt and Dub record options
  • Edit up to 8 send levels per channel
  • Pre buttons with Sends
  • Patch name shown for Sends if applicable
  • Enable/bypass & edit up to 4 parameter settings for inserts
  • Step through inserts

  • EQ screens mimic Reason's Channel EQ editing
  • Dynamics screens mimic Reason's Channel Compressor and Gate editing
  • IN screen mimics Reason's Channel Input editing
  • Set Start and End Loop positions
  • Move to new playhead position using the slider jog strip
  • Tap in jog strip moves playhead to nearest beat
  • Single tap jog strip end caps to go directly to start or end loop positions
  • Set jog strip precision to bar, beat, 16th or tick with popup
  • Double tap most faders and rotaries to default position
  • Values of rotaries shown on touch
  • Reason Rack device & RE editing - custom device panels for controlling 130 of Reason’s synths, players, utilities and effects from the iPad (inc. 4 VST plugins)

  • Perform mode - send MIDI to an rsTouch instrument track using a keyboard, drum pads or 8x8 grid array
  • Expand drum pad variations with 16 levels of send velocity
  • Choose scale type and root key for Perform grid array
  • Assign faders, rotaries and buttons on Perform Controls screen to any device control supported by Reason Remote
  • Preference setting for faders to “jump” on touch
  • Preference setting to disable iPad sleep mode (Autolock)
  • Preference to set selector strip scrolling to “Reason” mode or “iOS” mode
  • Diagnostic messages
  • MIDI interface test
  • Multi-tasking supported
  • ** Run rsTouch on up to 4 iPads simultaneously to control more than 8 Reason Mixer channels

** requires some additional setup - see See “Enable Multiple iPads to Control > 8 Channels at a Time” at the bottom of the rsTouch Setup page for more information.

Reason Devices Supported


Dr. Octo Rex Loop Device
Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer
External MIDI Instrument
Grain Sample Manipulator
Humana Vocal Ensemble
ID-8 Instrument Device
Klang Tuned Percussion
Kong Drum Designer
Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer
NN-19 Digital Sampler
NN-XT Advanced Sampler
Pangea World Instruments
Radical Piano
Redrum Drum Computer
Subtractor Polyphonic Synthesizer
Thor Polysonic Synthesizer


Alligator Filter Gate
Audiomatic Retro Transformer
BV512 Vocoder
CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
Comp-01 Auto Make-Up Gain Compressor
D-11 Foldback Distortion
DDL-1 Digital Delay Line
ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter
Line 6 Bass Amp
Line 6 Guitar Amp
MClass Compressor
MClass Equalizer
MClass Maximizer
MClass Stereo Imager
Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth
PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
PH-90 Phaser
Pulverizer High Yield Demoliiton
RV-7000 Advanced Reverb
RV-7 Digital Reverb
Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit
Softube Amp
Softube Bass Amp
Synchronous Effect Modulator Shifter
The Echo
UN-16 Unison


Matrix Analog Pattern Sequencer
Micromix Virtual Tec (Line Mixer 6:2)
Mix Channel/Audio Track
Pulsar Dual LFO
Regroove Mixer
Remix Virtual Tec Mx (Mixer 14:2)
RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator
Spider Audio Splitter & Merger
Spider CV Merger & Splitter


Dual Arpeggio
Note Echo
Scales & Chords

Rack Extensions Supported


AudioRealism ABL2
AudioRealism ABL3 Computer Bassline
AudioRealism ReDominator Polyphonic Synthesizer
Blamsoft Distributor
Blamsoft Movement Waveform Generator
Blamsoft VK-1 Viking Synthesizer
Blamsoft VO-1 Viking Oscillator
Blamsoft Zero Hybrid
Little IO Little LFO
Mathieu Demange RYM2612
Omino WBL3001
Omino WBL5515
Pitchblende AutoTheory
Propellerhead A-List Acoustic Guitarist
Propellerhead A-List Acoustic Guitarist Fingerpicking Nylon
Propellerhead A-List Classic Drummer
Propellerhead A-List Electric Guitarist - Pop Chords
Propellerhead A-List Electric Guitarist - Power Chords
Propellerhead A-List Power Drummer
Propellerhead A-List Studio Drummer
Propellerhead Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer
Propellerhead Layers Quadrasonic Sample Player
Propellerhead Layers Wave Edition Player
Propellerhead Parsec Spectral Synthesizer
Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesizer
Propellerhead Radical Keys Electric Piano
Propellerhead Reason Electric Bass
Propellerhead Umpf Club Drums
Propellerhead Umpf Retro Beats
Rob Papen PredatorRE Instrument
Rob Papen PunchBDRE Instrument
Rob Papen Quad Instrument
Rob Papen SubBoomBassRE Instrument
Robotic Bean Step Note Recorder
Synapse Antidote Synthesizer


AirRaid Audio Elements DS-LFO
Blamsoft Polymodular Audio Merger
Blamsoft Polymodular Audio Splitter
Blamsoft Polymodular CV Breakout Box
Blamsoft Polymodular CV Merger
Blamsoft Polymodular CV Splitter
Lab:One Recordings Executioner Dj Mixer
Normen Hansen VMG-01 Sample Delay
Robotic Bean Euclid Rhythm Generator
Robotic Bean Select CV Switch


Propellerhead Drum Sequencer
Propellerhead Quad Note Generator


Aftermath Audio CV8X4 CV Generator
AirRaid Audio Elements Splitter 2
Blamsoft DC-1 Distortion
Blamsoft DC-9 Overdrive
Blamsoft F-16 Analog Filter
Blamsoft Mark VIII Amplifier
Blamsoft Resampler
Blamsoft t00b Distortion
Deadman Audio Devices One-Note Stand
DLD Technology CV-2 Meter
DLD Technology CV-8
Groovy Melon morfin XF
HaMu ModStepper
Jiggery Pokery Anansi
Jiggery Pokery Itsy
Jiggery Pokery Lolth
Jiggery Pokery Miranda
Jiggery Pokery Mordred
Jiggery Pokery Shelob
Jiggery Pokery TMA-1
Jiggery Pokery TMA-4
Jiggery Pokery TMA-9
Kilohearts Chorus
Kilohearts Limiter
Kilohearts Stereo
Kuassa Amplifikation Creme Guitar Amp
Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion Guitar Amp
Kuassa Cerberus Bass Amp
Kuassa Efektor Silencer
Kuassa EVE-AT1 4-Band Equalizer
Kuassa EVE-AT4 3-Band Equalizer

Lab:One Recordings Battle-Axe Sound Destroyer
Lab:One Recordings Black Knight 5 Band Equalizer
Lectric Panda LLC MoPol
Pongasoft A/B Switch
Pongasoft CVA-7 Analyzer
Propellerhead Polar Dual Pitch
Propellerhead Rotor Rotary Speaker
Red Rock Sound RE 180
Red Rock Sound RE 181
Rob Papen RPDistort
Rob Papen RPVerb
Selig Audio LLC ReMark
Softube FET Compressor
Softube Saturation Knob
Softube Spring Reverb
Softube Trident A-Range EQ
Softube TSAR-1 Reverb
Softube TSAR-1R Reverb
Softube Tube Delay
Softube Valley People Dyna-Mite
Synapse AF-4 Analog Filter
Synapse AP-12 Analog Phaser
Synapse DC-2 Dual Chorus
Synapse DR-1 Deep Reverb
Synapse GQ-7 Graphic Equalizer
Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser
Synapse RM-1 Ring Modulator
Synapse VE-3 Vintage Equalizer
The Chronologists Scope Jr