rsTouch Pro for Reason

Delora rsTouch iPad app

rsTouch is no longer for sale on the App Store.

If you previously purchased rsTouch and need to download it again, you can find
instructions on our Support page.

If you have purchased rsTouch and need to download the codec/support files to your computer,
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rsTouch requires the installation of (free) Reason control surface (codec & map) configuration files on your Mac or PC - in the Requirements & Setup section below.

Requirements & Setup
User Manual

Transform your iPad into a mobile controller for Reason Studios Reason

Reason on your Mac/PC

rsTouch on your iPad

Operate Reason’s Transport functions, Main Mixer, Master Section & Device Rack from the iPad - use the full computer screen for the Sequencer!

Tap the arrows or swipe across the image below to see the rsTouch Mixer & Master screens.
Device & Perform mode screens are described later on this page.

Swipe across the image below to see the rsTouch Mixer & Master screens. The Device & Perform mode screens are described later on this page.

  • Delora rsTouch Master Screen iPad
    Master Mixer
  • Delora rsTouch Fader Screen 1 iPad
    Fader Screen 1
  • Delora rsTouch Fader Screen 2 iPad
    Fader Screen 2 - Long Faders
  • Delora rsTouch Sends Screen iPad
    Sends 1-4 Screen - Sends 5-8 also available
  • Delora rsTouch Inserts Screen iPad
    Inserts Screen - Inserts 3-4 also available
  • Delora rsTouch EQ Screen 1 iPad
    EQ Screen 1
  • Delora rsTouch EQ Screen 2 iPad
    EQ Screen 2
  • Delora rsTouch EQ Screen 3 iPad
    EQ Screen 3
  • Delora rsTouch Dynamic Compressor Screen iPad
    Dynamics Compressor Screen
  • Delora rsTouch Dynamcis Gate Screen iPad
    Dynamics Gate Screen
  • Delora rsTouch Input Screen iPad
    Input Screen

What Our Users Say at

“rsTouch Pro is priceless, IMHO. Highly recommended.”

“Absolutely THE best controller app for Reason on iOS.”

“I think I said it in the other thread but I gotta say it again - rsTouch is AWESOME!”

“If you use Reason and own an iPad, "rsTouch" is a must-have imho.”

“Everybody with an iPad and Reason should definitely look into getting this. This is the best iPad control surface for any DAW I tried out.”

Last Version: 2.9.7

rsTouch 2.9.7 is the last release. This version requires the latest codec support files.

Tap the button below to get the latest version of the free support files.

rsTouch Brings Touch Control for Reason’s Mixer and Master Sections

Full Mixer Control

rsTouch mixer eq panel
Most Mixer sections have multiple screens that emulate Reason's editing capability. This example shows the second of three screens of EQ controls. Access multiple screens by repeatedly tapping on the Selector button (FDR, FX, EQ, etc.) or scroll with your finger up and down within the Selector strip.

Master Mixer

rsTouch master panel
Master section controls are shown on the rsTouch Master screen. Control Room functions are accessed with a popover.

Channel Level Meters

rsTouch mixer fader panel
Channel level meters dynamically display during playback. The "Big Meter" shows on all screens. Adjust by double tapping on the meter to show the popup.

Jog Strip

rsTouch jog strip
Slide within the jog strip to move about your song. Set start and end loop points, and program 5 location markers.


rsTouch bank panel
View all the channels in your song by using the +1, -1 buttons to move the bank by one, or +8, -8 to move by eight channels. Quickly go to the next banks using the preset buttons. These buttons can be programmed to any consecutive group of 8 channels.

Customized Screen Control for 175+ Devices, VST's & Rack Extensions

No need to spend time creating generic templates for controlling Reason devices and Rack Extensions (RE's) from your iPad. rsTouch has optimized, customized screens for many popular RE’s.

* Now at 177! *

(Includes 4 VST's)

rsTouch 2.9.7 adds custom support for 5 new Reason 11 built-in devices, and 6 recent Reason Studios Devices, Players and Rack Extensions. Here's a sample.

rstouch complex1 control 1
Reason Channel EQ Device
rstouch complex1 control 1
Reason Sweeper device
rstouch electric bass device control
Scenic Hybrid
rstouch quad note control
Reason Drum Kits
rstouch electric bass device control
Processed Pianos
rstouch quad note control
PolyStep Sequencer

Tap on the Features icon at the bottom of this page to see the full list of all RE’s currently supported.

Performance Features

Play Reason Synths & Drum Machines, or Record Into Sequencer Track with the Keys, Pads & Grid Screens
rstouch keyboard perform
My Image
rstouch perform grid
Assign Faders, Rotaries and Buttons on the Controls ("Ctls") Panel to Any Reason Control Available Through Reason's Edit Remote Override Mapping

Enjoy Ad-Hoc Control Over Multiple Devices and RE's From 1 Screen. Great for Performance use!

rstouch Controls screen