rsRemote for Reason

Delora rsRemote iPhone app for Reason

Transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a mobile controller for Reason

Propellerhead Reason on your Mac/PC

rsRemote on your iPhone or iPod touch

Control frequently used Reason transport and mixer functions easily from your iPhone’s touch screen. Makes recording away from the computer a breeze!

Introduction to rsRemote Video

rsRemote Main Screen

Main Screen: Transport Control and Song Navigation

Access standard transport functions, toggle Loop and Metronome. Know where you're at with the timecode and bar-beat display.

Slide your finger in the jog strip to navigate through your song. Set start and end points for Loop. Program up to five custom marker locations to quickly go to a song location.

Step through sequencer tracks and their patches. Mute or solo a track. Undo or redo an action.

Recording controls include Alt, Dub, enable record automation, and quantize recording.

The Big Meter shows audio levels. You can select which of your soundcard inputs or outputs it displays.

Mixer & Settings Screens:

Main Mixer Channel Editing & Preference Settings

Edit individual Reason Main Mixer channel controls - level, pan and width. The level meter helps refine your mix. Mute or solo a channel. Adjust the Reason Main Mixer master level fader.

Set precount bars, click audio level and adjust tempo.

rsRemote Mixer Screen
rsRemote Settings screen

More Controls

rsremote big meter settings

Double tap on the Big Meter on the Main screen and edit its settings.

rsremote jog strip popover

Set the precision of the jog strip navigation by double tapping on it.


  • Transport controls, including "jog strip", loop start/end, & 5 programmable location markers
  • "Big Meter" display
  • Timecode & bar-beat display
  • Tempo setting & display
  • Undo, Redo
  • Enable Alt, Dub, Quantize Recording and Parameter Automation Recording
  • Mute or solo a sequencer track
  • Clear all sequencer track mutes or solos
  • Sequencer track and device patch name displayed
  • Set precount bars and click level
  • Double tap faders and rotaries to default position
  • Diagnostic messages/ MIDI interface test

  • Preference setting for faders to “jump” on touch
  • Preference setting to disable iPhone/iPod touch sleep mode (Autolock)

Mixer Mode (Reason's Main Mixer)

  • Master fader; value displayed in dB
  • Navigate mixer channels up/down
  • Clear all active mixer mutes
  • Clear all active mixer solos
  • For the Selected Mixer Channel:

  • Display name & number
  • Level fader; value displayed in dB
  • Pan and Width rotaries; value displayed
  • VU meter
  • Mute or solo the channel

Requirements & Setup
User Manual