lpTouch for Logic

Delora lpTouch universal styles

Transform your iPad & iPhone/iPod touch into a mobile controller for Logic Pro/Logic Pro X

Logic Pro on your Mac


lpTouch on your iPad or iPhone

Operate Logic Pro’s Mixer & Transport Controls with touch friendly operation from your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch - all from 1 app.

Swipe across the images below to see the lpTouch iPad and iPhone screens

  • Delora lpTouch main screen black iPad
    iPad Main Screen
  • Delora lpTouch pan-sends screen black iPad
    iPad Pan-Sends Screen
  • Delora lpTouch channel screen black iPad
    iPad Channel Screen
  • Delora lpTouch EQ screen black iPad
    iPad EQ Screen
  • Delora lpTouch instrument screen black iPad
    iPad Instrument Screen
  • Delora lpTouch main screen silver iPad
    iPad Main Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch pan-sends screen silver iPad
    iPad Pan-Sends Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch channel screen silver iPad
    iPad Channel Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch EQ screen silver iPad
    iPad EQ Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch instrument screen silver iPad
    iPad Instrument Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch main screen silver iPhone
    iPhone Main Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch efx screen silver iPhone
    iPhone EFX/Sends Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch EQ screen silver iPhone
    iPhone EQ Screen - Silver Theme (Logic X)
  • Delora lpTouch instruments screen silver iPhone
    iPhone Instruments Screen - Silver Theme
  • Delora lpTouch master screen silver iPhone
    iPhone Master Screen - Silver Theme

Universal App Flexibility

Record a Logic Pro track away from your computer with lpTouch on your iPhone. Then use lpTouch on your iPad for multi-channel fader mixing.

Both iPad & iPhone versions offer:

  • Transport Control
  • Channel Mixer Controls
  • Sends Editing
  • Inserts Plug-In Editing
  • EQ Control
  • Instrument Parameter Editing
  • 2 theme styles - Silver or Black - change anytime with lpTouch preferences in iOS Settings app

Introduction to lpTouch Video

No other apps, plug-ins or agent programs needed - just Logic Pro or Logic Pro X on your Mac, Wi-Fi, and lpTouch on your iPad or iPhone!

Works with Logic Pro 9.1.6 or higher on your Mac + iDevices running iOS 9.3 or higher!

Optimized for iPhone Sizes

lpTouch adapts to different iPhone/iPod touch screen sizes. The larger devices show more content when feasible, as seen on the EQ screen comparing the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 Plus.

lpTouch EQ iPhone 5
lpTouch EQ iPhone 6 Plus
Requirements & Setup
User Manual

lpTouch Brings iPad Touch Control for Logic Pro’s Mixer & Channel Editing


lpTouch transport controls
Access transport functions on every screen, along with Cycle, Metronome and Replace. Know where you’re at with the timecode and bar-beat display.

Channel Mixing, Sends, & EQ

lpTouch track controls
lpTouch Sends controls
lpTouch EQ controls
Select, arm, mute. solo or adjust the volume of any track. View track names and channel volume levels for 8 tracks at a time. Adjust levels for Pan & 3 Sends. Adjust & enable EQ settings by band.

Inserts Editing

lpTouch Inserts controls
Enable or bypass up auto 12 Inserts, and edit their parameters.

Instrument Editing

lpTouch instrument editing
Edit Instruments using large rotaries with values displayed.

On the iPad, Enlarge Bar-Beat Display for Easier Viewing & Recording

Tap on bar-beat display to go full screen.

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Black Theme

My Image

Silver Theme