gbTouch for GarageBand

Delora gbTouch iPad app for GarageBand

Transform your iPad into a mobile controller for GarageBand on the Mac

GarageBand ’11 on your Mac

gbTouch on your iPad

Note: gbTouch is NOT compatible with the current Apple GarageBand for Mac (the version that has been available since October, 2013). gbTouch ONLY works with the older GarageBand ’11 or ’09 for the Mac.

With the gbTouch iPad music app, you can control many GarageBand functions easily from your iPad's touch screen. Spend less time moving a mouse and more time making music!

Swipe across the image below to see a sample of the gbTouch screens

  • Delora gbTouch main screen mixer theme iPad
    Main Screen - Mixer Theme
  • Delora gbTouch details screen mixer theme iPad
    Details Screen - Mixer Theme
  • Delora gbTouch performa keys screen mixer theme iPad
    Perform Keys Screen - Mixer Theme
  • Delora gbTouch main screen texture theme iPad
    Main Screen - Texture Theme
  • Delora gbTouch details screen texture theme iPad
    Details Screen - Texture Theme
  • Delora gbTouch main screen minimal theme iPad
    Main Screen - Minimal Theme
  • Delora gbTouch perform pads screen minimal theme iPad
    Perform Pads Screen - Minimal Theme
  • Delora gbTouch main screen steel theme iPad
    Main Screen - Steel Theme

gbTouch Brings Touch Control for GarageBand Operations


My Image
Use the large Transport buttons to quickly move around your song, playback, record, or enable the cycle.

Track Mixing

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Individually select, mute or solo tracks & adjust their volume. Use the arrow keys to view more tracks in your song. Track names are displayed and tracks are color coded for software (green) vs. real (blue) instrument tracks.


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gbTouch 'lcd' display
Quickly move the Playhead; Set the Cycle Start and End points. Always know where you're at with the dynamic "LCD display". Choose to display Project Information (tempo, time signature) or Playhead location (bar-beat or hr-min-sec)* *Time based playhead location enabled with a Preference Setting and has some limitations

Track Edit

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Adjust Effects with the Track Edit screens. Numeric values displayed for both track volume and track pan and change on fader movement.

Add Tracks

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Add, delete or duplicate a track - great for recording away from the computer! Undo, Redo, & Save.

Tempo/Playhead Dials

gbTouch bar beat playhead feature
gbTouch playhead time feature
gbTouch adjust tempo feature

Press in the LCD display to adjust tempo or go to a specific location in your song.

Performance Mode Keyboard & Drum Pads

MIDI playing and recording using GarageBand Software Instruments

Delora gbTouch perform mode keys
Delora gbTouch perform mode pads

Theme Styles & Flexible Orientation

Choose between 4 major theme styles to change the look of gbTouch anytime. Simply go to the iPad Settings app, tap on gbTouch, and pick your style from the Themes list.

The layout also adjusts for landscape or portrait orientation.

Delora gbTouch theme styles

What is gbLink?

Tap/click on the icon to go to the download page

Current Version: 3.1.2

gbLink is a small Mac OSX program that allows gbTouch on your iPad to communicate with GarageBand on your Mac. IT IS REQUIRED FOR GBTOUCH TO WORK.

You must download gbLink using a web browser (like Safari) on your Mac, then open it & install it on the Mac where you run GarageBand (not your iPad). You also need Wi-Fi.

See the "Requirements & Setup" link button below for more information.

Version 3.1.2 is required for gbTouch 3.4 or higher. Can be used with both gbTouch & gbRemote.

gbTouch requires the download & installation of gbLink, a (free) program for your Mac. - in the Requirements & Setup section below.

Requirements & Setup
User Manual