rsTouch Pro

Transform your iPad into a mobile controller for Reason
(Mixer, Master & Device Rack components)
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Operate Reason’s Transport functions, Main Mixer, Master Section & Device Rack from the iPad, allowing full use of the computer screen for the Sequencer!

rsTouch Latest Updates

2.6.3 This update fixes an issue with the ReMix device screen. The Delora support files do not need to be updated.
Tap/click on the button at right if you need to install the latest rsTouch support files to stay current.

Please read the Requirements & Setup before purchasing. rsTouch requires the installation of (free) Reason control surface (codec & map) configuration files on your Mac or PC, located in the Requirements & Setup section below.


rsTouch Pro is an iPad control surface app for the Propellerhead Windows or OSX Reason software application. Find out more in the video.
rsTouch 2.6 (or higher) includes over 100 customized device screens to control Reason. Learn how to max out the benefits of Reason’s instruments, effects & utilities by using rsTouch.
rsTouch 2.5 (or higher) with Reason 8.2 (or higher) brings new possibilities for using the Redrum drum machine on Reason. Here’s a taste.

rsTouch Pro Mixer & Master screens

Tap/click on the arrows to see the extensive control surface capability of rsTouch.

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    Mixer - Faders Screen
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    Mixer - Extended Faders Screen
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    Mixer - Sends (Sends 5 - 8 screen also available)
  • Stacks Image 20802
    Mixer - Inserts (Rotaries 3 - 4 screen also available)
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    Mixer - EQ Screen 1
  • Stacks Image 20808
    Mixer - EQ Screen 2
  • Stacks Image 20815
    Mixer - EQ Screen 3
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    Mixer - Dynamics Screen 1
  • Stacks Image 20822
    Mixer - Dynamics Screen 2
  • Stacks Image 20827
    Mixer - Input Screen
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    Master Screen

rsTouch Pro makes Rack device editing a breeze from your iPad

rsTouch Pro offers customized screens for controlling 108 Reason Devices and Rack Extensions. Tap on the Features button above for a full listing of all devices supported. One of our latest is an updated version of the RV7000 MkII Reason device (new features only available when using Reason 8.3 or higher).

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The sample below shows selected screens for the Thor, Alligator, Dr OctoRex, BV512, Malstrom, Redrum, RV7000, Kong, The Echo and Subtractor Reason devices.

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rsTouch also provides support for a variety of third party rack extensions. Some of our recent additions include VK-1 Viking Synthesizer (Blamsoft) and ReDominator (AudioRealism).

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Easily edit and control Reason's Mixer channels using the iPad multi-touch screen

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Most Mixer sections have multiple screens that emulate Reason's editing capability.

This example shows the second of three screens of EQ controls.

Access multiple screens by repeatedly tapping on the Selector button (FDR, FX, EQ, etc.) or scroll with your finger up and down within the Selector strip.
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Channel level meters dynamically display during playback.

The "Big Meter" shows on all screens. Adjust its settings by double tapping on the meter to show the popup.
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Master section controls are shown on the rsTouch Master screen.

Control Room functions are accessed with a popover.
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Slide within the jog strip to move about your song. Set start and end loop points, and program 5 location markers.
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Left: View all the channels in your song by using the +1, -1 buttons to move the bank by 1, or +8, -8 to move by eight channels.

Quickly go to the next banks using the preset buttons. These buttons can be programmed to any consecutive group of 8 channels in your song.

Right: Change the tempo by clicking on the value at the top of the screen.

Send MIDI to Reason Instrument tracks using the keyboard or drum pads when in Perform mode

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