Transform your iPad and iPhone into a mobile controller for the Apple Logic Pro music application running on a Mac
*** lpTouch is a universal app ***
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No other apps, plug-ins or agent programs are needed - with Logic Pro on your Mac, a working Wi-Fi connection, and lpTouch on your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch, you're ready to go!

The lpTouch Advantage

  • Transport control
  • Multi-touch fader mixing (iPad)
  • Sends editing
  • EQ control
  • Instrument & Plug-in editing
  • 2 theme styles: Change the look to 'Black' or 'Silver' in the lpTouch preferences of the iOS Settings app for both iPhone and iPad
  • Universal app for iPad & iPhone - no need to buy 2!
  • Easy setup

Please read the Requirements & Setup before purchasing lpTouch. lpTouch supports Logic X but read important information in the Requirements tab below.

lpTouch Universal: for iPhone or iPod touch

Nearly every feature available for lpTouch on the iPad is offered when using an iPhone or iPod touch.

Start on the main screen for transport controls and playback features, including a real time bar beat - time code display. Operate channel functions for the current track, such as mute, solo, pan and level fader.

The next 3 screens let you dive into music editing with Sends & effects plugin editing, EQ and Instrument controls using touch friendly rotaries. Enable/disable and bypass inserts.

The last screen offers master volume control and 3 Aux faders.

Choose between a black or silver coloring scheme.
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*** Note: Due to limitations with Logic, it is not possible to run lpTouch on an iPhone and an iPad at the same time. ***

lpTouch Universal: for iPad

lpTouch on the iPad offers the same extensive track/channel editing capabilities as the iPhone, with the added benefit of multi-track visibility and control for volume, mute, solo, and Sends editing in banks of 8 tracks. Common transport controls and bar beat/time code display show on every screen. Choose between black of silver theme styles using the iOS Settings app.
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    Main Faders - Black
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    Sends - Black
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    Channel Strip - Black
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    EQ - Black
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    Instrument - Black
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    Main Faders - Silver
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    Channel Strip - Silver
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    EQ - Silver
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Access transport functions on every screen, along with Cycle, Metronome and Replace. Know where you're at with the timecode and bar-beat display.
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Select, arm, mute, solo or adjust the volume of any track. View track names and fader volume values for 8 tracks at a time.

Adjust levels for Pan and 3 Sends.

Adjust & enable EQ settings by band.
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Enable or Bypass up to 12 inserts, & edit their parameters.