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Transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control for GarageBand running on the Mac.
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Do you use Garageband '11 or '09 on your Mac and want to make song creation, evaluation and recording more productive? With the gbRemote music app, you can control GarageBand transport functions easily from your iPhone or iPod touch screen. Recording away from the computer is a breeze!
Note: gbRemote is NOT compatible - does not work - with the current Apple GarageBand for Mac (the version that has been available since October, 2013). gbRemote will only support GarageBand ’11 or ’09 for the Mac.

Please read the Requirements & Setup before purchasing gbRemote. gbRemote requires the download & installation of gbLink, a (free) program for your Mac. The download link for gbLink is in the Requirements & Setup section below.

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Theme styles and flexible orientation

Change the look of gbRemote anytime by selecting a theme ('Minimal' = black, or 'Silver') in the iOS Settings app. Layout automatically adjusts for portrait vs. landscape mode. Silver theme looks great on white iPhones!
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  • Two theme style choices, selectable in the iOS Settings app
  • Control transport functions (Backward, Forward, Beginning, Play, Record, Cycle)
  • Real time bar-beat display
  • Tap on the bar-beat display to move the playhead to a specific position in your song
  • Display acts as a jog strip when swiping within to move around your song
  • View all tracks
  • Control mute and solo for each track (now on main screen)
  • Adjust overall Master Volume
  • Adjust selected track's Volume
  • Tempo displayed and is adjustable
  • Set start and end points for cycle
  • Use Master Mute to silence all audio output
  • Current track's name is displayed and color coded by type
  • Change current selected track
  • Enable/disable Metronome
  • Create a new track
  • Undo an action
  • Dismiss GarageBand alerts from gbRemote
  • Save a GarageBand file
  • Disable iPhone sleep mode (Autolock)
  • Supports installations of gbLink on multiple computers

gbRemote screens in portrait mode for 3.5” (left) and larger display devices

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Click on the icon above to go to the gbLink download page

What is gbLink?

gbLink is a small Mac OSX program that allows gbRemote on your iPhone or iPod touch to communicate with GarageBand on your Mac. IT IS REQUIRED FOR GBREMOTE TO WORK.

You must download gbLink using a web browser (like Safari) on your Mac, then open it & install it on the Mac where you run GarageBand (not your iPhone). You also need Wi-Fi.

See the "Requirements & Setup" link button at the top of this page for more information.
Current Version: 3.1.2

Version 3.1.2 or higher is required for gbRemote 2.0 & higher

gbLink 3.1.2 can be used with both gbTouch & gbRemote