gbRemote is not longer offered for sale. It worked with the older versions of GarageBand (’09 and ’11) that were available prior to October 2013. If you are a gbRemote customer, use our Contact page should you have questions or problems. The link to download gbLink is found below should current gbRemote customers need it.

If you are looking for a control surface app for the older GarageBand for Mac versions, our
gbTouch app for the iPad is still available.

If you have the current version of GarageBand for Mac (version 10.0 or higher), see our
gbXRemote app for the iPhone/iPod touch.
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Click on the icon above to go to the gbLink download page

What is gbLink?

gbLink is a small Mac OSX program that allows gbRemote on your iPhone or iPod touch to communicate with GarageBand on your Mac. IT IS REQUIRED FOR GBREMOTE TO WORK.

You must download gbLink using a web browser (like Safari) on your Mac, then open it & install it on the Mac where you run GarageBand (not your iPhone). You also need Wi-Fi.

See the "Requirements & Setup" link button at the top of this page for more information.
Current Version: 3.1.2

Version 3.1.2 or higher is required for gbRemote 2.0 & higher

gbLink 3.1.2 can be used with both gbTouch & gbRemote