Networking Guide

advice for connecting network devices with Delora Software products

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Many Delora Software products, including vM2 and KymaConnect, rely on some type of networking to accomplish their mission. Most users have some exposure to networking (Internet connection) but may lack experience with more complicated setups. This guide offers an overview of the various ways to connect devices and some recommended practices.

A typical setup will consist of some type of Mac, and at least one other connected device (e.g. a Paca(rana) or Lemur). Often all three are connected together as would be the case when using vM2. How you approach connecting these components depends on the network ports the Mac has available, and the overall network configuration that the Mac already participates within. Something like a Mac Pro with its dual Ethernet ports and optional WiFi connection offers a multitude of possibilities, of which only a few are truly useful in this application. iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros have fewer possibilities but care must still be exercised to craft a suitable setup.

This guide includes a primer on IP addresses, as well as numerous example network configurations dependent upon the type and amount of devices to be connected, the type of Mac used, and networking preferences.

• Connecting only a Paca(rana)
• Connecting only a Lemur
• Connecting two or more devices

• Dual Ethernet ports
• Unified network with wireless support

• On Stage with MacBook Pro
• Basic Studio, any Mac with built-in wireless
• Studio Network, any Mac with built-in wireless
• Studio on Home/Office Network, any Mac with built-in wireless
• MacPro Studio with dedicated wireless OSC
• MacPro Studio with dedicated Paca(rana) network